Hamro Sikkim Party has taken note that on August 24th, Mr. Jacob Khaling Rai, spokesperson of SKM, monotonously repeated the earlier threat that SKM will launch legal proceedings against Bhaichung Bhutia, the working president of Hamro Sikkim Party, for exposing the corrupt and crooked practices of SKM. The intention and narrative of SKM is crystal clear – it wants to throttle the fearless and fair voice of Bhaichung Bhutia by sending him to jail. Regardless of these threats, Mr. Bhutia remains committed to Sikkim and her people and will continue to challenge the dictatorial regime of Sikkim with his voice of democratic sanity. He reiterates: “What are you waiting for? Please file the case, I will see you in court. To save Sikkim from corrupt politicians, I am ready to go to jail a hundred times.”

In the press conference on August 24th, SKM mentioned that one of its resolutions is fake. On the face of it, this seems absurd because this allegedly fake document benefitted SKM during the 2019 elections, as it had the effect of garnering the votes of some communities. Hamro Sikkim Party asks what every voter in Sikkim is asking:

  1. Why would the political opponents of SKM prepare a fake document that benefits SKM?
  2. Why did SKM state that the document is fake only on 10th April evening, just hours before voting started, when the document was in circulation since 8th April?
  3. Why has SKM made no effort to find out who circulated these documents for the past 3 years?
  4. Why has SKM leaders including CM Golay not given their specimen signature to the police in a similar case to prove that the signature is fake?

Does SKM have answers to these valid questions?

It may be kept in mind that earlier in a press conference on August 17th, Mr. Rai had threatened Bhaichung Bhutia with a legal notice. In his response to Mr. Rai, Mr. Bhutia had replied defiantly, “Please file the case. I will see you in court.”

Hamro Sikkim Party would like to once again remind SKM that neither the Party nor Bhaichung Bhutia will cower before these threats. This will only bolster us to raise our voices and work steadfastly towards our goal of achieving a united and corruption-free Sikkim, marching towards progress and prosperity for every person of Sikkim.

Hamro Sikkim Party believes in clean governance and honest politics without the garb of false promises and appeasement tactics to lure voters of any community.

Media Cell | Hamro Sikkim Party

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