To All Youths of Sikkim

//To All Youths of Sikkim

To All Youths of Sikkim

The ground reality and conditions of Sikkimese people in the grass-root level is worsening and heart-breaking wrapped inside the cocoon of selfish propaganda and self-centered politics of our politicians. Tiny State with so small population of just 7lakhs approx with a minimum annual budget of 80,000 crores is struggling and lagging in the field of competitive development.

In the villages people struggle to meet the daily requirements, sister compromises her study just for the sake of her brother because her parents cannot afford for both. Somewhere father of the house is bedridden for a long time because the family cannot meet the financial challenges. There are no proper hospitals with good technical facilities nearby. Lines of frustration and disappointment is visible on the faces of Educated youths. Similarly, there are dozens of unheard and untold stories of Sikkimese.

Expenditures are costly and income is so scarce. analyzing all these things, Yes! Sikkim needs change, Sikkim needs updated ideas, Updated youths, overall an updated politics and a leader. So let’s make all these things possible in the 2019 general election. Let choose the honest leader who does not compromise the hopes and dreams of 7lakhs youths, let choose the honest leader who does not compromise the future of unemployed with his corrupted goals.

Let’s choose the honest leader who works in the field not in the manifesto and just only in speeches. Let’s choose the leader who has the vision to see his state prosper but not with the greed of money and power. This is what Hamro Sikkim Party appeals. Don’t compromise your votes with cheap promises because your 1vote makes the difference and contributes to the process of development of a state and country.

Thank You,
Vice President,Hamro Sikkim

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