SKM Compares Gandhi Ji and Mandela’s Imprisonment for Independence & Dignity With CM Golay’s Conviction & Jail Term for Corruption of Stealing Funds of Poor Farmers!

Hamro Sikkim Party is shocked that SKM Minister Upreti has used the historic and patriotic occasion of our 75th Independence Day to insult and belittle the great sacrifices made by towering leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela by comparing their imprisonment to that of CM Golay, who was convicted for siphoning funds meant to buy cows for poor farmers. The minister seems to have forgotten that CM Golay’s conviction for corruption was upheld by the Hon’ble Sikkim High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India !! It is time to give the Minister a refresher course in history – HSP would like to remind the minister and the entire SKM party that Gandhi Ji went to jail to give India her independence and Mr. Mandela went to jail to end apartheid for the dignity of human beings. But CM Golay went to jail for misappropriating public funds which were kept with him in trust, for the welfare of the people of Sikkim. He betrayed the people of Sikkim and took away their money.

HSP demands that CM Golay personally apologizes to the people of Sikkim for his colleague having insulted and sullied the name of the Father of the Nation. It is universally known that from his early days in South Africa till the very culmination of the Indian independence movement, Gandhi Ji had been detained and imprisoned numerous times for pursuing the just and non-violent cause of freedom. Mr. Mandela’s 27-year imprisonment serves as an inspiring saga of struggle and determination for the cause of emancipation against a racist regime. Does CM Golay think his imprisonment for corruption is comparable to that of Gandhi Ji and Mr. Mandela?

Hamro Sikkim Party is also shocked to see that SKM and its leaders seem to have no respect for the Constitution and Rule of Law. When they are aware that CM Golay has been punished for the crime of corruption which has been upheld by all levels of the judiciary till the Hon’ble Supreme Court, how can they create a mockery of this solemn process of dispensation of justice by celebrating of his release? Is the release of a convict on completion of his term of punishment an occasion of celebration? What is being celebrated – the crime and the criminal? Or is the unspeakable crime of corruption being attempted to be white-washed with a celebration? By any standards of normal social behaviour, it should have been a day of regret, recantation, and contemplation but since the SKM party has no respect for the law, they have converted it into a day of jubilation. There could not be a day of greater shame for all of Sikkim and yet SKM wants the people of Sikkim to be morally bankrupt to celebrate the release of a corrupt public servant.

Hamro Sikkim Party has taken note of the many false and mischievous remarks made by the minister against HSP’s Working President, India’s former football captain Shri Bhaichung Bhutia. While democracy needs competitive politics, it also sets standards of morality and probity in public life. The minister need not have stooped so low and degraded himself. HSP would like the minister to know that Mr. Bhutia on his own merit and hard work is celebrated as a modern-day icon. He represents the very values and aspirations that he cultivated from the football pitch onto the political arena to rid Sikkim of its corrupt misrule.
Hamro Sikkim Party is alarmed to note that as the head of government of Sikkim, CM Golay’s allegiance to our laws and legal system continues to unravel to show its true colors, thanks to the political stunts of ministers like Mr. Upreti and others from SKM. Stooping for political mileage cannot get any lower than this. Urgent and thorough cleansing of politics in Sikkim is the order of the day, which Hamro Sikkim Party shall relentlessly pursue so that every Sikkimese can proudly say: “Sikkim ko Atma Sikkimey ko Haat Ma”.

Media Cell | Hamro Sikkim Party

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