80 years ago, a clarion call was given by Mahatma Gandhi, demanding that the illegal occupation of India by the colonial British be ended immediately. Thus was born the Quit India Movement. Millions of Indians from all corners of our nation’s vast social fabric, traversing religions, castes, creeds, genders and cultures, united with devotion and determination to strive for realising the aim of Independence. With one goal of complete emancipation, the Quit India Movement stands the test of time as an inspiring and historic event of sheer defiance, courage, and unity that ultimately bore fruition with the dismantling of colonial rule and the long-awaited creation of the Indian Union.

80 years later, the sacrifices and values of our freedom fighters continue to hold immense relevance and inspire us. As we move forward towards a modern and progressive nation built upon a bedrock of liberal, tolerant, and democratic values, it is also imperative to preserve our cultural heritage and traditions. Remembering the Quit India Movement and its significance in today’s socio-political framework, it is time for us to embolden ourselves, re-unite and re-kindle our hopes and aspirations under a new charismatic and progressive leadership, once again. A new leadership that strikes at the heart of corruption, autocracy, and maladministration; a new leadership that strives to serve and cater to the will of the people; a new leadership that seeks to alter the course for a prosperous future of our beloved Sikkim!

Today, on the historic Quit India Movement Diwas, Hamro Sikkim Party resolves to oust the current corrupt, inefficient, and puppet government of Sikkim. On this day Hamro Sikkim Party resolves to provide a real democratic alternative to the people of Sikkim. On this day, Hamro Sikkim Party promises to every Sikkimese that in 2024, Hamro Sikkim Party will fight the elections to form a government to keep the soul of Sikkim with the people of Sikkim. With this solemn resolve, Hamro Sikkim Party announces its slogan for the 2024 elections – “Sikkim ko Aatma, Sikkimey ko Haath Ma!”.

Hamro Sikkim Party remembers with respect and resolves the rousing words of Mahatma Gandhi to the nation 8th August 1942: “Take a pledge, with God and your own conscience as a witness, that you will no longer rest till freedom is achieved and will be prepared to lay down your lives in the attempt to achieve it. He who loses his life will gain it; he who will seek to save it shall lose it. Freedom is not for the coward or the faint-hearted.”

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