Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim !!

//Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim !!

Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim !!

Hamro Sikkim Party today unveiled its plans for contesting the upcoming elections to Sikkim Assembly and Lok Sabha and launched the clarion call of its campaign: Naya Sikkim, Hamro Sikkim !!

The assembled media persons were addressed by President Dr. Bina Basnett, Working President Bhaichung Bhutia, Spokesperson Biraj Adhikari and senior leaders Nima Lepcha, DS Limbu and Yogen Rai.

Briefing media persons, the Party’s leaders said:

  • The Party has forged a broad based alliance with progressive political forces and mass movements for peoples’ rights and causes. The alliance shall contest all 32 seats of the State Assembly and the sole Lok Sabha seat from Sikkim. Name of alliance, its partners, seat sharing details and names of candidates shall be announced progressively, in joint press conferences.
  • Candidates shall be judiciously drawn from a pool of mature, experienced, young and energetic fresh faces with track record of selfless public service. Young educated women shall form an important segment of candidates.
  • It is time to discard the old and cliched caste-communal-crony politics of SDF and SKM, who are nothing but two sides of the same coin, and embrace new, modern and futuristic politics for the next generation – a politics that is just, equitable, democratic and participative.
  • The Party shall unveil a new model of development that combines Ecology and Ethos of Sikkim with her Economy; the disastrous results of the present unplanned and vote-bank oriented politics shall be swept away with determination to build a New Sikkim, a Fresh Sikkim, a Happy Sikkim, a Prosperous Sikkim, a Self-Reliant Sikkim and above all, a Sikkim for All Sikkimese.
  • The Party shall ensure that Sikkim shuns the present culture of crony capitalism where development of the state benefits only a few cluster of people huddled around the centre of power and moves to a new model of development that benefits everyone and is firm and uncompromising on inter-generational justice. The young must be the epicentre of this new politics. A modern Sikkim can be built only if the voice of the future emerges from the echoes of the past – a modernity deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of Sikkim – a modernity that is of Sikkimese origin and sensibility and not borrowed from other places.
  • The common people of Sikkim are disgusted with the autocratic government of SDF and at the same time have no hope in the lumpen and mindless opposition being offered by SKM; they are aware that both SDF and SKM polluted the politics of Sikkim with muscle and money. There is mounting anger, disaffection and disenchantment amongst all sections of people against the misdeeds of the corruption-ridden leadership of SDF and SKM.
  • Hamro Sikkim Party will offer a real political alternative to the people of Sikkim and bring in new politics of conviction and public service. People of Sikkim have given spontaneous and whole-hearted support to Hamro Sikkim’s brand of clean politics to create a New Sikkim.
  • Hamro Sikkim Party is pro-enterprise, pro-planned & sustainable development and pro-opportunity for all people. We want enterprises to grow and prosper in Sikkim but we also want development, opportunity, growth and prosperity to positively impact the lives of all citizens of the state. The last person should be able to participate in building of a New Sikkim and benefit from it.
  • A detailed Agenda for Sikkim shall be unveiled soon. It will cover all aspects of critical concern. Unlike manifestos of other political parties, Agenda for Sikkim shall sharply focus on (1) Objective (2) Action Points (3) Timelines and (4) Funds Required and source of the same. It will be a detailed blue-print of the change that is being proposed to create a New Sikkim.
  • Agenda for Sikkim shall cover 19 issues for 2019 Elections, that touch the daily life of people and interweave it with the development of the State.
  • The 5 broad areas shall be Welfare State, Social Justice, Economic Justice, Democratic Liberties and Accountable Governance.

Hamro Sikkim Party sees the forthcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha election as an opportunity to retrieve and, indeed, reclaim from manipulation and subversion, our legacy of the state and country and the economic and ecological rights of the people of Sikkim.

The situation today calls for urgent reforms in law, policies and institutions. This involves, first of all, restoration or undoing the damages inflicted by the current ruling establishments: ensuring proper operation of the rule of law in our country, non- interference with judiciary and anti-corruption institutions, the integrity and fairness of our administrative structures and, last but not least, the vigorous energy of our media in reporting national events with freedom, accuracy and responsibility. But undoing the damage is not about a simple roll back. The roots of some of these challenges go back to the earlier times. We require reconstruction and substantial measures to ensure that similar damage cannot be done in the future. We must reignite the spirit of the Constitutional resolve to secure economic and social justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity and carry out programmes in that direction.

Accordingly, we place before the people of Sikkim specific ideas and measures for recovery, reconstruction and reorientation. The range of reforms that we propose include:

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