Hamro Sikkim Party strongly supports the demand put forth by Sikkimey Nagrik Samaj (SNS) in their recent press statement. HSP demands that the state government should immediately direct the competent authorities to start a fair investigation in the matter of corruption charges levied against the chief bureaucrat of the state, if they are efficient and sincere towards the people.

People of Sikkim might have gained immunity towards the pandemic but we should not let ourselves develop any immunity against this “corruption” endemic prevailing in Sikkim since ages.

Corruption is “antipoor”, since all the resources meant for development is getting siphoned off by a handful of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Until and unless we don’t voice out and act out against this rampant corruption which is happening in our state, development is going to remain a distant dream and poverty to remain as an endemic.

Let us remind the people of Sikkim that HSP has always stood against corruption to the extent of demostrating a dharna in the capital of our country and has always been up for clean governance and clean politics. We will uphold our pledge and will fight tooth and nail to uproot this disease of corruption from our state.

Dr. Bina Basnett


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