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We, the people of Sikkim are very hardworking. We toil day and night to build a prosperous Sikkim. But the fruits of our labour and the Sikkim of our dreams is stolen from us by corrupt, self-centered, nepotistic, divisive and despotic politicians who fight and bicker amongst themselves for sharing the bounty they loot from us. We vote for them year after year and they cheat us year after year. They think we are foolish and they can fool us all the time. But we are not fools. We are trusting and simple people but we are not fools.

HSP has born in Sikkim to uproot this injustice and focus a new model of development that takes Sikkim towards becoming the Happiest State in India, targeting 100% Literacy, Healthcare, Education, Electrification & Happiness and 0% Unemployment, Corruption, Poverty & Misery. We will not tolerate bad leadership anymore. Enough is Enough! HSP will partner the people of Sikkim to build a New Sikkim, Our Own Sikkim, a Young Sikkim, a Sikkim for the Future, a Corruption-Free Sikkim and a Sikkim for all Sikkimese.



Unemployment Free Sikkim

Within one year, unemployment shall be eradicated from Sikkim, with secure jobs on proper salary in accordance with qualification, skill and training. Independent Employment Commission shall be set-up

Farmer Friendly Sikkim

Within ten days, one time waiver of all crop loans will be granted. Within six months, independent Farmers' Commission shall be set-up and farmers shall be given guaranteed remunerative price for all crops, vegetables and fruits on Swaminathan Commission formula and sustainable income through guaranteed purchase and marketing of all produce. Shift to agro-forestry model shall be promoted

Effectively Educated Sikkim

Within one year, education system will be overhauled to impart high quality effective education and skills to all students and youth seeking employment.

Healthcare Oriented Sikkim

Within one year free and accessible primary, preventive and promotive healthcare for all through public health delivery system shall be rolled out. Within three years, hospitals with highest standards and full facilities shall be opened in all districts. All Sikkimese shall have access to best healthcare nearest to their residence

Women Empowered Sikkim

Within one year, facilitation of greater' participation of women in public life and politics will be done through legislation.

Tourism Friendly Sikkim

Within six months, holistic and sustainable tourism policy shall be rolled out that provides lion's share of economic benefits of tourism to local communities. Value added tourism will be promoted

Business Friendly Sikkim

Within two months, trade committees will be formed with participation of businessmen so that stakeholders can join in deciding what is necessary for facilitating growth and encoragement of enterprise and removal of present obstructions

Elderly Respected Sikkim

Within two month, pension of Rs.10,000 per month and healthcare of high standard shall be delivered at the doorstep of every elderly person above 70 years of Sikkim. Tradition of respect for elders shall be preserved

Poverty Free Sikkim

Within two years, poverty shall be eradicated from Sikkim forever and systematic changes shall be made so that poverty can never raise its ugly head in Sikkim.

Ecological Sikkim

All policy, plans, projects and their implementation shall be with due consideration of ecological parameters and no development shall be done which destroys ecology, environment and culture. Battle against climate change shall be given top priority

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